Dominate this cricket season with Prophecy Cricket

Dominate this cricket season with Prophecy Cricket

Cricket demands skill, technique, and the right equipment. Whether you're an aspiring cricketer or elite pro, having top-notch gear can significantly enhance your performance on the field.

Prophecy Cricket ( is dedicated to providing high-quality cricket bats, gloves, pads, and balls. Below outlines the journey we've been on to create the best cricket kit on the market:

  1. Cricket bats with the perfect pick-up, power and performance: At Prophecy Cricket, we understand that the cricket bat is the extension of a player's skill and performance. Our collection of cricket bats is meticulously crafted from premium English willow, ensuring superior performance and durability. Whether you prefer a traditional shape or a modern profile, our bats are designed to deliver exceptional power, precision, and control. With a variety of sizes, weights, and handle configurations available, you can find the perfect bat that suits your playing style and maximizes your scoring potential. Our omen and oracle are typically more suited to front foot players with a lower middle, whereas our vision and prestige suit the more powerful all-round players with their middle sweet spot profiles. 

  2. Comfortable Batting Gloves with Elite Protection: Having a comfortable grip on the bat is essential for every batsman. Prophecy Cricket offers cricket gloves that combine comfort, flexibility, and superior grip. Our gloves are made from high-quality, premium leather materials, providing excellent protection for your hands while ensuring optimal breathability. The reinforced padding and ergonomic design offer added confidence, allowing you to face any type of bowling. 

  3. Premium Batting Pads: Safety and protection are crucial in cricket, particularly when facing fast bowlers. Prophecy Cricket's batting pads offer optimal leg support without compromising on comfort or mobility. Crafted from durable materials, our pads are designed to absorb impact and provide enhanced shock resistance. The lightweight construction and ergonomic design ensure freedom of movement, allowing you to run between the wickets with ease. 

  4. Elite Cricket Helmets: Protecting your head is crucial in cricket, and Prophecy Cricket offers high-quality cricket helmets designed for maximum safety and comfort. With superior ventilation and adjustable fittings, our helmets offer optimal airflow and a secure fit, ensuring that you can focus on your game without compromising on safety. Don't compromise on another clunky, uncomfortable helmet. Use prophecy's helmets that expertly combine protection, comfort, and visibility.

  5. High-Quality Cricket Balls: Prophecy Cricket understands the significance of a high quality and durable cricket ball. Our range of cricket balls is meticulously manufactured to meet professional standards. Made from premium leather, our balls provide superior swing, seam movement, and durability. Whether you require red, white, or pink balls, we offer options suitable for all formats of the game. With our carefully stitched and well-weighted cricket balls, you can experience exceptional performance, ensuring an authentic cricketing experience.

Conclusion: Prophecy Cricket ( is your one-stop destination for high-quality cricket equipment that can take your game to the next level. With our exceptional cricket bats, gloves, pads, and balls, you can unlock your true potential on the field.

Elevate your game and embrace the path to cricketing excellence with Prophecy Cricket.

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