Runs4Research: Combining Cricket with Charity


What is Runs4Research?

Runs4Research is a charitable initiative designed for club cricketers, aiming to raise funds for Alzheimer's Research through their on-field performances.

How does it work?

Once a player signs up, they commit to making a donation at the end of the season based on their runs scored and wickets taken. Each run equals a 5p donation, and each wicket equals a 50p donation. These amounts are tallied throughout the season to determine the total donation.

What inspired the initiative?

The idea for Runs4Research was born from a personal experience. At the end of 2020, I lost my grandfather, who suffered from Alzheimer's in his final years. I wanted to honor his memory and support Alzheimer's Research by linking it to cricket, a sport he greatly influenced in my life.

How do you sign up?

Signing up is easy. Just follow this link to a simple Google Form where you can provide details about the clubs you play for, and we'll handle the rest.

How do you donate?

At the end of the season, you can make your donation via our JustGiving page. You can find the link here.

How many people are involved?

As of the 2024 season, we have over 650 players participating. We're aiming to surpass our 2023 tally of 892 participants, which has grown from 257 in 2021 (our first year) and 533 in 2022.

How much money have you raised?

Entering our fourth season, we have raised over £33,000 for Alzheimer's Research and are aiming to reach £50,000 during 2024.

Why has Runs4Research been so successful?

The simplicity of the concept allows anyone to participate, regardless of their cricketing level. It adds a meaningful dimension to runs scored and wickets taken, supporting a well-known cause that has affected many people. This perfect harmony of sport and charity has contributed to its success.

If you have any other questions or need more information, feel free to ask. I've also attached the logo for your use. Thank you for your support!

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