What cricket bat should I buy?

What cricket bat should I buy?

If you're a cricketer looking for a new piece of willow, this guide will help you through the factors to consider when choosing the perfect new cricket bat.

  1. The Type of Willow: Cricket bats are mostly made from two types of willow: English willow and Kashmir willow. All Prophecy Cricket bats are made from UK sourced English willow trees. English willow is renowned for its ping and sweet spot and is the preferred choice for professional cricketers. On the other hand, Kashmir willow, a more affordable option, offers decent performance for casual and amateur players.

  2. Bat Size: Bat size plays a significant role in ensuring a player can successfully execute the right shots. Bats come in different sizes, ranging from size 1 (smallest) to Long Handle (the largest). It's important to choose a bat that matches your height, reach, and batting technique. Young players and beginners generally opt for smaller sizes, while taller individuals may require larger bats.

  3. Bat Weight: The weight of a cricket bat affects the player's ability to control the bat. The optimal weight varies according to personal preference, physical strength, and playing conditions. Lighter bats (2lb 7oz to 2lb 9oz) offer better maneuverability and are suitable for quick shots, while heavier bats (2lb 10oz to 2lb 13oz) provide more power for longer shots.

  4. Check Balance. Profile and Pickup: The balance and pickup of a cricket bat determine how it feels in your hands during play. Our Prophecy Omen

    Prophecy Cricket Bat Profiles

    and Oracle bats typically have a lower sweet spot and are more suited to front foot players who tend to drive the ball. They're also more suited to low bouncing wickets. Our Prophecy Vision and Prestige are typically more suited to all round players or bouncier wickets, as they have a medium sweet spot and balanced pick-up. 

  5. Willow Grade: All Prophecy Cricket bats use high grade, UK sourced English willow from J.S. Wright and Sons Ltd. Typically our grade 1 bats have more grains and fewer blemishes, which is considered to produce more ping and better feel. Our grade 2 bats may have wider grains or include some butterfly willow (which offers more durability, but typically less ping). 

  6. Cost: Cricket bats vary significantly in terms of price, depending on the willow grade and brand. Big cricket brands typically charge eye watering price tags for cricket bats. This is largely due to high marketing and sponsorship costs, rather than the quality of their bats. At Prophecy Cricket, we are able to keep costs lower and produce outstanding cricket bats at an affordable price to our customers.

Conclusion: Selecting the perfect cricket bat is a personal decision that requires careful consideration. Which Prophecy Cricket bat will you choose?

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